Are you struggling to find qualified drivers? Spending hours sifting through resumes? Let them come to you!

DriverDX offers two products:

1. DriverDX Marketplace (Website)
We operate an online platform that is a curated two-sided professional driver marketplace for drivers and companies to schedule work on a per trip basis. Business can broadcast their trip requirements in real time to the DriverDX Marketplace. Drivers then respond using our mobile app.

2. Custom in house software (SaaS)
We also offer a customised SaaS solution for companies to utilize our product in-house. Business can select from one or all of the DriverDX features:
– Driver recruiting\vetting
– Onboarding
– Scheduling
– Fleet management
– Trip assignment
– Driver payment features

To attract drivers to our industry, we need to ‘Make Driving Great Again!’ ultimately, for a better work\life balance for the driver and of course less stress for HR, dispatchers, and those of us in this industry.